Frist Name: Antoine

Surname: Demaison

AKA: Lindigène

Date of birth: 20 janvier 1982

Origin/Nationality: Reunion Island

Particular Signs : Bad in switch

Job Description: Journalist

Board: Overlord Y1 (long version), sceneskateboards short deck

What do you like riding : the road (with a board), the sea (without a board) a bit the snoz but I dont know it well enough.

Why Overlord? : Physcological troubles, emotionally unbalanced , no references. ( Apart from that its mostly because I am a good friends with Beurt and that he makes the boards I want)

Apart from the photo of you as a litlle boy exposed to the eyes of all the perverts on the web, tell me what was the most embarrassing moment in your life :: My memory must have erased it. I only remember the happy ,o,ents of my life, singing birds qnd bright big blue skys. Surprising no?