First Name: Bertrand

Surname: Daubeuf

AKA: Beurt

Date of birth: 28/07/78 (Ca va lindigène je te dispense de commentaires Bleu bite!)

Origin: more or less French roots I believe… which doesnt mean anything !

Particular Signs : A bit blind

Jop Description: I work for our American friends

Board: Y1 (long version), Roadster Délirium drop through, some protos, an Alva, Overlord pool board.

What do you like riding? : Snow, water, asphalt, wood, concrete, downhill, curves : anything as long as its with friends !

Why Overlord? : Ah, because Im worth it !

Apart from the photo of you as a litlle boy exposed to the eyes of all the perverts on the web, tell me what was the most embarrassing moment in your life : There I go, I knew I would regret asking this question.
Promised I will tell you the truth. Soon !