Firstname: Jonathan

Surname: Livingston

AKA: Bolt

Date of birth: 14/02/1984 (nds : Isn’t that a real lover’s birthday ?)

Origin: Hollando-Centrafricano-French

Particular signs : Nib

Job description: Student

Board: An Overlord poolboard, one of Yem’s Chronic boards, waiting for my special Overlord to be developed!

What do you like riding : Any fast traffic city situation, big slides, surf ans snowboard in addition.

Why Overlord : Because Beurt offered me to join in, and because I love his boards !

Apart from the photo of you as a litlle boy exposed to the eyes of all the perverts on the web, tell me what was the most embarrassing moment in your life : I was leaving from an ex girlfriend’s place on my board when she waved me at the window, I responded looking at her when I suddenly hit a pillar right In my face! As a result a great fall and in addition to the pain, the shame of falling ridiculously under the girls eyes…
(nds: We can add to this that Bolt loves his board to the point of jumping and swimming for 10 minutes in a dirty Parisian canal trying to find it with no success, while the bums living on the shore are laughing at him)