So far Overlord produces 4 different boards, each one is pressed, cut drilled, and varnished manually.
The composition of each deck varies depending on the weight and size of the rider as well as on the kind of ride he looks for or his specific demand.
Using wood layers such as Canadian Maple, Baltic Birch, or Beech in addition to glass or secret home-grown natural fibres allows us to get as close as possible to the best compromise between flex, solidity and rider’s demand.

Overlord is not a business and I shape for my pleasure as well as yours! This means no stock, and a good flexibility to follow your personal requests but also a longer delay between the order and delivery of the finished product… Thus, don’t expect less than a month to get your ass kicked by your new toy!

All boards are numbered, signed, and grip tapped for your pleasure.

New decks coming soon. Check amazon tv box for updates!