Name: Rossi

AKA: Yem

Date of Birth: 29/12/00

Origin/Nationality: Italonglish/Angloitalian

Particular Signs : (editors note : for the moment all is ok but soon he will
have decoloured hair from the Atlanticùs salts and a full body tan which would will even but Bolt to shame)

Job Description: full time

Board: Y1, Submarine, Scavenger

What do you like to ride : curves, skate, snow, surf

Why Overlord? : because its worth it.

Apart from the photo of you as a litlle boy exposed to the eyes of all the perverts on the web, tell me what was the most embarrassing moment in your life :: When I was about 10 I used to love bumper cars. One summer in England at Alton Towers (amusement park) I discovered water bumper cars and really wanted to have a go. This is about 20 years ago so it wasnt like now with global warming it used to be wet and cold most of the summer in England I had a great time but of course i got wet and my parents made me take off my trousers and pants so that they would dry on some bushes while we had lunch. They had all ordered fish and chips (English lunch lol), but because I was riding the bumper cars I had ordered nothing and as I was super hungry I was obliged to go and order some food with no trousers it was ok cos I had a cardigan and I could pull it down to cover myself it was ok till the fish and chips man gave me my chips and drink both my hands were full so I had no choice but to walk back across Alton Towers with my d**k hanging out below my cardigan.