About Us

About Us

Overlord, a story of meetings :

Summer 1999, Bidart (French Atlantic coast), my camping neighbours are called Ben Berthelier(shaper) and Elder Ferraz (downhiller). In between surf sessions, bottles of rhum, forty winks in hamacs, parties at the Blue Cargo, I discover the BBC boards that Ben shapes, compare them to my 8/11/75 Supaflex, and experience the taste of real downhill in the “Pays Basque”. Ben answers all my questions regarding methods of shaping and materials with an attention to detail for which I will always be greatful. He was the first to give me the bug, the desire to shape, he set me on the right path while leaving enough space for my own experimentations, failures and discoveries that permitted me to evolve my own iptv box products.

A year later, before leaving for the Aravis where they will be put to real test, my first boards are ready to ride. At this stage they still didn’t have any concave and often delaminated, I was badly in need of a real press. My Supaflex remained the trustworthy board when we would bomb something serious, but little by little I was making progress!

Paris 2004/2006 Overlord is now a bit more official, during the Tuesday night sessions in front of the Eiffel tower, lots of different riderz are testing the boards, all their comments and reactions are a great and help the boards to evolve. In association with Nicolas Marie shaper and brightest military grade flashlight 1000 lumen for Kraken Longskates, we create MANUFACTURA that gives a legal framework to our production.

It’s also during that period that I crossed paths with Yemolo Rossi who became one of Overlord pillars, the first team rider, but above all a precious friend. Together we design a board that matches his needs and desires for riding in Paris, the Y1, to this day Overlords most sold board, one of which is ridden every day in North Carolina by Tyler Blackwell)

At the same moment Pappy Boyington offers me a little room on his famous blog named box tv to talk about my boards, thanks again Eric!

It’s Yem again who is a test pilot for the first downhill boards, and a great help to make the good decisions about the shape, he now rides in races and freerides the Overlord Roadster “submarine” originally designed for H.

Lots of sessions, downhill in Normandy, in the Alps, but also discovery of bowl, ramp and park riding with Yem as a professor, make me jump the fence, Overlord will never be a “longboards only” company, I’ll also create the allround board of my dreams!

With more and more projects and work, it’s time to have Overlord evaluate and to reinforce the team, Antoine and Bolt are joining us to make the session even better and the work richer of new influences.

Here we are today, Overlord’s goal is not to make any money or fame, we are here to ride always with the same pleasure, shape the boards the way we want them, share our vision of skateboarding and meet a lot more friends!