Name: Y1 / Version: 1.1

Type: [Urban][Slide]

Description: The Y1 is an excellent choice for aggressive urban riding. Snake Slide is what
we had in mind when we created this board. Its the first Overlord board officialy commercilaised and Yems signature-model that says it all!

A reall all in one board depending on the set-up, its also a good cruzer as well as a comfortable downhill choice in the longer version.

Length: 84 cm / 33 in
Long version Length: 90 cm / 35.4 inWidth: 23.5 cm / 9.3 in(largest width in the middle)

Wheelbase: 56 cm / 22 in
Long version Wheelbase: 62 cm / 24.4 in

Construction: 9 Baltic Birch plys + fibers or beech wood layers depending on riders wheight and flex need.

Recommended setup: Indy 149s for sliding, Randal 150 for snaking or Randal 180s for a bit of both.

User Comments: For an urban assault the shorter version is way better !